Contact Tracing

To facilitate COVID-19 contact tracing, organisations collect personal data of visitors to their premises. If you are manually collecting data today, our solution automates the process. Using QR codes and your smartphone camera & browser, it scans visitor data directly to Google Sheets in seconds.

In a manual visitor registration system with access and compliance control, the visitor is allowed entry only after the receptionist/usher checks that the form is correctly filled and answers are compliant.

Similarly by scanning the visitor QR code, the receptionist/usher can check and submits the visitor data ONLY after information is verified and acceptable. Then the visitor is allowed entry.

Our service is FREE* and after you , goto Scan page. You are ready to scan your first visitor (Do not use your phone QR code scanner).

Google Sign-In to Start
Visitor Administrator
  1. Go to Declare page
  2. Fill up Declaration Form
  3. Click Update QR code
  4. Show QR code at check in
  1. At the start of day, Sign in with Google
  2. Go to Scan page. (Do not use your phone QR code scanner). Allow use of camera when asked. For each visitor
    1. Scan QR code
    2. Check declaration
    3. Click Submit or Cancel
  3. At the end of day, go to your Google Sheets. The visitor information is stored in the file with title that starts with Contact Tracing ...